Those Sweet Nothings

Could it be that right this very moment you are waiting for a date in a bar, a restaurant, or even some fancy coffee house? Well, pay close attention, as there’s no rhyme or reason as to how people meet, or why some dates fail miserably. Sound like a commercial? Actually, there is this strange thing we all call “chemistry”—as if this is what makes or breaks love. Dating can be a painful process and love is often elusive. But, I have compiled many interviews that prove that not all dates have a happy ending. So if you are finding your dates to be less than perfect, hang on to your self-confidence and read this pocket book. It is guaranteed to make you laugh aloud. So raise up your glass of café latte, safe sex on the beach (a great drink with a sense of humor) or simply some frosty beer and shout, cheers!

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Prom Safety
Emailing at Work
Moving On
Long Distance Relationships
Elevator Etiquette
Dates - The Good, Bad and Ugly